It's Time to Get Social
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It's Time to Get Social

August 5, 2021

Social Media Marketing

Let’s start with the basics!  What is Social Media Marketing?  It is using social media platforms and websites to promote your brand. Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.  Social Media has become an essential platform for businesses not only to promote their brand, but also to create a recognizable brand, and to engage and interact with their customers and audience.  With Social Media platforms, you are also able to connect with your customers on a more personal level and listen to what their thoughts are about your brand.  And from there, you are able to determine in what areas you can improve in your brand in terms of products and services. 

Now, let’s take a look at a few quick tips we have prepared for you on Social Media! 

1. Let the Photo/Video tell the Story

Social media platforms have expanded their character limits in posts.  But keep in mind, our goal is to be brief because the audience prefers brevity - concise and exact use of words.  The challenge is to let the photo or video tell the story and keep your caption as short as possible.  Short enough that it is inspirational, motivational and powerful. 

2. Custom to the each Platform

Earlier we mentioned a few examples of social media platforms.  Each platform has its own style so it’s best to use the right content to suit each platform in order to succeed in it!  Avoid using the same social media post for all platforms you’re using for your brand.  The goal here is to use the right tone and voice that suits each social media platform. 

3. Give audience what they Want

Let’s be honest here, no one is interested in only seeing posts that are about your company.  What Social Media really comes down to is creating content that reverberates with your followers.  Audiences want to see things that will entertain, educate, and/or inspire them.  Give the audience what they want.  This way you are also able to drive higher engagement, have meaningful interactions and purposeful conversations with them.  

4. Give audience a Shortcut

Because Social Media has become an integral part of our life, people will automatically assume you are actively on Social Media.  But they may not know what social media platform your brand is on and may not want to spend the time searching for it online.  So to make it easier for your audience, create shortcuts for them to follow your brand.  How? You can increase social reach by linking your social media profile on your website; include it in your email marketing templates; and also in employee’s email signatures.   

5. Timing and Frequency 

What is the best time to post on Social Media?  We get asked this question a lot!   Truth is there is no definite answer as each brand and service has its own uniqueness, similar to how each social media platform has its own unique style.  Our tip for this one is to experiment with posting at different times, different days of the week, and also the number of times you post a week. 

6. Engage with Influencers

Needless to say, influencers play a huge role in Social Media.  Nowadays, audiences are more receptive to Social Media influencers than celebrities.  Through social media, influencers create direct communication, drive engagement and set cultural trends.  Engage and partner up  with influencers that can represent your brand, and spread your brand message to the intended audiences in an authentic and genuine way.

7. Be more Social 

Stating quite the obvious here, but being on Social Media is about being social.  Engaging and socializing with your audience is one of the key components when it comes to Social Media Marketing.  One of the things businesses fail to understand is that social media platforms are not solely used to promote their products and services.  It is also used to interact, to make an impression and create a long term (loyal) relationship with your followers.  Take every opportunity you can to communicate and engage in conversations with your followers, follow others and create lasting connections with your brand!

Let’s Get Social! 

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