Sunny Deol



Digital Marketing Director

Why you do what you do?

What I love the most about marketing is that unlike some other fields or domains it has no set rules to follow, we have an open arena to innovate and pour in all our creativity. It's like a blank slate and its up to the marketer to employ their creativity and craft the most compelling proposition.

What inspire you the most?

Its continuing to learn and be innovative. Marketing gives you immense learning opportunities. You get to start at the foundation with your clients, trying to feel their pulse and understand their psyche for their vision. Moreover, its learning the consumers who are attaining the product or service you're marketing. Their consumption habits change dynamically, it requires you to be on your toes always and keeps you reinvigorated with constant change to innovate and grow.

What you like the most in Vu Media Lab?

What I love about Vu Media Lab is that we've created a bond that's more than being colleagues. It is a family. That translates into our work. We are inspired by seeing one another succeed. We are motivated by growth. We are driven by accomplishing our goals as one.

What do you think are the three most important skills for a marketer to have in 2021?

I believe that a marketer should be familiar with all forms of SEO because it is one of the most successful methods to boost organic traffic. Another important skill is the ability to tell engaging stories and manage campaigns. It allows a marketer to interact with the target audience on a more personal level and tailor strategies to their individual requirements and interests. Finally, in the digital age, data analytics and reporting are essential since they allow a marketer to examine and comprehend the diverse behaviours of today's consumers.

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