Kimmy Miao




Currently Vu Media Lab's Co-Partner, but over the years I have had many titles: Integrator, Marketing Guru, Graphic Designer, Finance Director, PA, Boss lady, wife, mother… the list goes on. My role is to not only ask WHAT, but HOW. I believe that everyone has the capacity for creativity and if we can collaborate with those with different perspectives, then that’s where the magic really happens. Business is not just a numbers game, it can be approached with the same creative skills we use in design. It’s all about problem solving.
I'm a pocket full of energy, bursting with positivity and a passion for marketing. Think of me as your personal tour guide - planning your itinerary, walking you through new projects and strategies, providing fluid translation, and ensuring all your needs are met every step of the way! I’ll regularly check in and dig a little deeper to make sure you get a first class experience. In this role, I enjoy the best of both worlds by also partaking in some of the marketing magic behind the scenes. I love getting hands on in projects - exploring new techniques, strategies, and ideas. You never know until you try. Here’s to new experiences!

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